TAWIN is a leading manufacturer and worldwide sales of decorative PVC Building Materials, PVC Compounds and Rubber Products in Taiwan. Our range includes PVC wall panel, PVC wall cladding, shower/bathroom paneling, ... More

2018.01-Architecture + Construction Materials (2018 Tokyo Big Sight)
2017.07 - 2017 the latest version of SGS Test Report for PVC Compound.
2016.01 - The 2015 version SVHC Test Report is enclosed for your reference.
2016.01 - The latest SGS Fire Test Report of PVC Foamed Wall Panel in 2015.
2015.08 - TAWIN The 2015 version SGS Test Report of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAHs) is enclosed for your reference.
2015.07 - TAWIN has just acquired a new tensile tester equipment.
Artificial Reed Thatch B System:Solid-Core Wall  Panel D System: Hollow-Core Foamed Panel E System: Hollow-Core Foamed Panel Piling Rubber Pad Wine Rack Palm Thatch  PVC Plastic Bamboo Lead Rubber Bearing
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