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Company Profile

Company Profile

TAWIN is a leading manufacturer of Vinyl Composite Building Materials, PVC Compounds and Rubber Products in Taiwan. Our products range includes Vinyl Composite Wall Panel/ Wall Cladding, Moulding, Vinyl Skirting, Artificial Rattan, Artificial Thatch, Artificial Bamboo, Artificial Woven Mat, Rubber flooring tile and relative Accessories. Our sales are all over the world.

Company Overview

Production Capability

Our facility runs 24 hours every day by automatic manufacturing.
Our outputs are:
PVC Compound: 1,500 MT/ month;
Vinyl Composite Building Products: 400 MT/ month;
Rubber Products: 150 MT/ month.


We have our own factories.
Vinyl Products factory: 13,200 M2;
Rubber Products factory: 6,100 M2;
All facilities are automatic renewed regularly. There are 140 employees.


Our Rubber products factory was first created in 1966 and then Vinyl products factory was established in 1982.


TAWIN factory is 3 KM away from Taiwan HSR Taichung station, and 2KM away from Kuaiguan system interchange. SANLIH factory is 3 KM away from Changhua system interchange.

R & D Team

With experiment Lab continually brings forth new products. Striving to make the highest standard products with competitive prices.

Domestic market

We have north & south warehouses and branch offices. There are 15 trucks for domestic delivery.


All products have been testing trial in the small area, we do trial marketing first, then bring it to worldwide sales. To ensure product's quality guaranteed.

Product Features

  1. Vinyl Composite Wall Panel & Building Products:
    nonflammable, water repellent, durable, insects free, will not rot or mold, easy to fit, cut, saw and drill, high impact resistant, fade resistant, easy to clean & maintain, and fast construction.
  2. PVC Compound:
    We develop various different Grade materials: super light, anti-abrasion, anti-coldness, anti-static, durable, super transparent, anti-fungus and anti-chemical. We are able to make special grade according to client's requirements.
  3. Rubber Building Products:
    Rubber Flooring Tile, Rubber Tactile Warning Mat and Anti-Vibration Rubber Pad which have modern designs, that are popular for the European, U.S.A and Japan markets, and suitable for international construction projects.
  4. Artificial Thatch:
    It's a fire retardant and durable roofing material. It's very easy to install on the roof, will not rot or mold. Can be instead of natural thatch.
  5. Garden and Landscape Materials:
    The appearance of natural texture more than 90% similar to real products/ bamboos, it's waterproof, insect free and will not rot
    It's the best materials for Garden and Landscape purposes.


  1. Building Materials:
    suitable for residential home/ hotel/ villa/ shop/ mall/ swimming poor/ kindergarten / container house/ motel exterior or interior or ceiling use, any decoration of yacht, fishing boat and tour bus…Ketc.
  1. Furniture Materials:
    for making chair, desk, sofa, audio stand, flower stand, trellis, shelf…Ketc.

TAWIN is committed to make and develop a whole series of synthetic waterproof and fire retardant products.
We completely know and connect the sources of raw materials in order to have consistent production process, quality control and best service. We have large and small trucks for efficient and safe delivery. In addition, we combined our rubber-products factory (established in June 1966) to increase the sales of rubber pressing and injection products. We are able to offer customers more products choices by upgrade our company's technology.

Rubber Products

  1. Building Materials: Rubber Flooring Tile, Rubber Staircase Tread, Rubber Tactile Warning Mat, Foot Mat, Anti-Vibration Rubber Pad…Ketc.
  2. Insulation Products: Anti-high Voltage Safety Shoulder Cover, Carpet, Rubber Tubing…Ketc.
  3. Others: Water-Pipe Packing, Rubber Tie-Down, General Rubber Rope, Piling Pad(impact resistance), Anti-puncture material for shoe sole, 38M Rubber Rope, Rubber Belts, Rubber Pet Toys, Message Equipment Parts, Chair foot covers, Rubber Wheels…Ketc.

Product Features

High Tensile Strength/ Tear Strength/ Heat Resistance/ Anti-high Voltage/ Good Insulation/ Good Anti-slip/ Water vapor resistance/ Good elasticity/ Less pollution, it's a environment friendly materials. Any material- formula can be adjusted by client's inquiry.

TAWIN has submitted in vinyl and rubber products for many years. We hire professional technicians to improve product quality and developing new products continually.
To achieve the best use of products and to meet customer's requirements.

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