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7 Shape

7 Shape


A70101, A70201 ; B70101

No. A70101:
8' * 15mm * 3mm / Piece.

No. B70101:
8' * 15mm * 2mm / Piece.

No. A70101:
12'/ pc, 40pcs/ CTN/ 29.3kgs/ 30.2kgs/ 3.45'

No. B70101:
10'/ pc, 50pcs/ CTN/ 10.3kgs/ 11.1kgs/ 2.9'


1. The excellent rigid and superior impacted surface isn't easily exfoliated, and can keep
its original wood-grain figure.
2. It can be cut, nailed, planed, sawed and screwed easily.
3. The color tone is stable and there are various colors for selection.
4. Waterproof / Washable; Easy for cleaning and maintenance.
5. Self-fire extinguishing and non-flammable material.
6. It is impenetrable to insects and termites.
7. The simple and fast installation can save a lot of time and manpower cost.
8. DIY product.


Mainly for decorating the conjunction of top of wall and edge of ceiling in order to let the corner look beautifully, trimly and completely.

7 Shape
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