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Fence Board Series

Fence Board Series



Material: PVC
Many colors are available.

Standard length: 10 feet per piece ( any length are available)

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Water repellent / waterproof
Will not rot or mold
It is impenetrable to insects or termites
It appears authentic wood texture
No need to paint again
Easy to cut, drill and rivet
Resistance to chemical material
Human friendly


The application is for fence, trellis, furniture,rack...etc. It will be able to make any kind of curve shape by heating the fence board.

Porcess steps:

1.To put the product into oven.

2.Turn on the oven to reach temperature at 120 to 135 degrees centigrade, the heating
time will depend on the product's size, it takes longer time for the big size product.

3.After heating the product, it will become pliable and be able to bend it in any curve
shape you want.

4.Put the final curve-shape product in a cooling system to make it shaped and fixed.

Fence Board Series
Fence Board Series
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