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If you are interested in our products, welcome to be our distributors, we will create advantageous business opportunities for you.

How we support our distributors

  • We are a team of 150 people to be your support in Taiwan. TAWIN was established in 1982 and specialized in Vinyl Composite Products, SANLIH was established in 1966 and specialized in Rubber Products. We have our own Laboratories and have experiences in developing new materials, new products and marketing internationally.
  • Distributor will be able to sell TAWIN Building Materials Exterior and Interior Wall Panels, Moldings and Skirting Boards exclusively in the contract area.
  • Taiwan head-office will invest 3~10 new molds for new products development every year, will introduce all new products to distributors after completion.
  • We will regularly invite distributors participate in video conference to discuss and answer distributor's questions.
  • To unify identification mark, advertisement and global image marketing.
  • We will decide and make the distributor contract within 3 months once you are interested and qualified.
  • We understand that only a long-term business partnership can bring healthy and stable benefits to both parties.
  • We know that you have good influence in your city, and sincerely hope to get your contact with our company in the early stage.

Distributor Prerequisites

  • It is agreed that imported TAWIN Products are sold under TAWIN brand. The trademark of TAWIN needs to be registered locally, the trademark fee is born by TAWIN, and the trademark right is owned by TAWIN.
  • To serve the living area of 1 million to 10 million people, currently serving at least 50 building material shops.
  • Must have the indoor space of more than 500 square meters (either self-owned or rented), and must have experience in selling building materials with a length of 300cm.
  • Currently selling a. Siding/Wall Panel b. Moulding c. Calcium Silicate Board d. Ceiling e. Slatwall / Shiplap f. Door and Window g. Angle square sections h. Sliding Door, any of above building materials products.
  • Employees numbers are 7~50 in the company.
  • The current turnover is more than USD80,000/ month, and will have the ability to import TAWIN Products USD10,000/ month.

If you are interested in joining our distributors team, please leave your message in the form below, we will have someone to contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to having you join our team!

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