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Plastic Oval Rattan

Plastic Oval Rattan



4.2 Meter Per Piece.

420mm * 20 mm * 15 mm / Piece.
420mm * 35 mm * 17 mm / Piece.

4.2 Meter/ pc,30pcs/ CTN/ 3.15'.(20 * 15 mm)

4.2 Meter/ pc, 20pcs/ CTN/ 2.75'(35 * 17 mm)

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1. With natural extruded glossy vein and in various colors.
2. No need of painting --- can save a lot of your direct cost.
3. Anti-weather and Anti-humidity
4. Durable and stable quality --- can keep a long period of time.
5. Easy maintenance and washing.
6. No irritancy to the human skin.
7. Self-fire extinguishing and non-flammable.
8. Quick construction --- it can be planed, cut, drilled, sawed or nailed without crack, and the
common carpenter's tools are available.
9. It is applying to housing decoration and can be bent to many diverse shapes by heating method.


This kind of products are mainly used for making the frame of sofa, chairs, desk or table, flower/ garden trellis, fence, magazine rack, towel basket, or any other DIY products.

Plastic Oval Rattan
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