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EPDM Rubber Strap

EPDM Rubber Strap

Specification Effective Length Width Thickness Unit
38 Meters 3800 2 0.2 Centimeter
22" 55.88 2 0.25 Centimeter
Color:Black ( available for other colors or materials )
Material:EPDM ( can be used under a long time of exposure and usage)
Packing:20 Pieces / Polybag, 15Polybags / 1Carton.

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1. Used the EPDM material has the strong Elongation, excellent Elasticity, good Weather-Resistance & anti-Ozone, anti-Sunlight.

2. Waterproof / Washable / various Colors / Recycled and Safety product, etc.

3. No easily wearing off, never generating the worse physical propertiesor shorten the usage life-time due to sunlight's exposure & long-time usage. It can be put outside long.


Application: It was used to fasten the goods / cargoes for trucks, bicycle, motorcycle, boat, camping, luggage rack, trash tops, storage, outdoor equipments, and the goods shelves.

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