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 Rubber Tie-Down

Rubber Tie-Down

Specification:Rubber Strap + S Hook with Round Top
Size: 6", 9", 15", 21", 31", 41"

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Characteristics: Anti-sunlight / superior elasticity & elongation / weather resistance / waterproof / washable / various colors / recycled and safety product, etc.Test Item

Test Result
Hardness: shore A 58 by ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength : 145.50 kg/cm2 by ASTM D638
Elongation : 616.68 % by ASTM D638
Tear Strength : 29.05 kg/cm by ASTM D638
Abrasion Test : 0.949 c.c by CNS 734, 61B 15 degree 3300 cycles


Application:It was used to fasten the goods / cargoes for trucks, bicycle, motorcycle, boat, camping, luggage rack, trash tops, storage, outdoor equipments,and the goods shelves

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