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Knockdown Garage Mat

Knockdown Garage Mat


7401/ 7302/ 7601/7203/ 7701/7801/7101-1

Knockdown Garage Mat
Knockdown Garage Mat
522mm x 522mm x 5mm (including the upper convex-circle in 1mm)
Color: No. 7401, Black; No. 7302, Blue; No. 7601, Green; No. 7203, Red; No. 7701, Grey.
Material: SBR + NR + Additive Agents + Softeners + Vulcanizing Agents
12 Pieces / Paper Carton.


1. Anti-abrasion, Slippery-Resistance, Excellent Elasticity, Weather-Resistance, Safety, etc.
2. The indented edge can be assembled quickly with rubber hammer and doesn't need to use the
strong adhesive for stick.
3. Your esteem can enjoy the DIY assembling happiness and assort with your favorite colors.
4. Easy for clearance and maintenance (please use the clean water plus mild detergent).
5. Put this mat under the cold weather / over -30 degrees by Celsius. It will still keep
its elasticity.


It is appropriate for paving on the flooring of Garage at the common house/ residence, department
store, shopping mall, hospital, airport, bus/ train station, school, industrial or commercial building, leisure resort center, or garden walkway, and so forth.

Knockdown Garage Mat
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