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Road Rubber Retarding Pad

Road Rubber Retarding Pad

Semi-Circle: the height matches with the quadrate’s height.
Quadrate: 500 x 500 x 50mm3 / ;500 x 500 x 35mm3 / 500 x 500 x 35mm3.
Color:Black , Yellow
Material:Rubber ( SBR ) ( Available for other materials
Based by Wood Pallet with proper quantities or by custom-made requirements.

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1.Excellent earthquake-absorption and superior vibration-absorption.
2.Anti-aging index can exceed over ten years.
3.Good anti-abrasion (the soft rubber material has the good anti-abrasion / elasticity and can protect the car’s tire).
4.Non-slippery, it can avoid the motorcycle skidding.
5.It has the best Anti-pressure character and long usage-longevity.
6.Sound-absorption, decreasing the noisy pollution.
7.The Pad which inserted the safe glisten plate and brilliant yellow-and-black
can effectively enforce and remind the drivers to lower down the driving
8.Easy and quick installation (after fixing it then it can be used right away).


1.With the Rubber Road Retarding Pad can improve the driving car’s speed, prevent pedestrian’s safety, and protect motorcyclist’s life.

2.It can make sure the traffic safety and correspond with the Government’s
best effective roadway-mark traffic safety adjutant facility to enforce the cars / trucks slow down the driving speed.

3.It is used widely to be installed on the crossroad, the entrance of lane / school / residence community, park, etc. Nowadays, it is popular used safety facility
at the traffic entrance in USA, European countries.

Road Rubber Retarding Pad
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